in conversation with time

In conversation with time, landscapes, matter and people.

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In 1991 I hiked through the Himalayas in Nepal, wondering about the genesis and massive natural erosion of this enormous range of mountains. And I saw human destruction. Locals cut woods for fire to heat buckets of water to cater for hikers like me. Resulting in huge landslides that wash away all fertile soils that cling to the slopes of these mountains.
Later I learned that the top of the mountain can actually be found at the foot of that same mountain and sediments are spread all over the world.
I brought home a small green-grayish stone in my backpack. In sync with the ‘original’ habitat I put the stone in some water and made this work in 1996.

Himalayas, Jacqueline Heerema 1996.
Himalayas, Jacqueline Heerema 1996.