24 hrs – 24+ earth spheres

Inhale. Exhale. The art of making a peat ball, an earth sphere.
May 31, 2020 01:00 – June 1, 2020 01:00

peat as earth
On Earth Day April 22 2020, I made a video called Matter of Time. During this video I make a peat ball, to experience the timescale of soil.
On May 31, I follow the sunrise around the globe. Every hour I made a peat ball in my garden at home in The Hague (Netherlands), shared the experience with you and engaged online during 24 hours with other ‘earth-ball-makers’ around the world to experience the art of ‘worldmaking’. 
My co-host is Tanya Lippmann and/with RE-PEAT Collective.

RE-FLECT: 24 Hours-24 Balls is part of the 24HR GLOBAL ONLINE PEAT-FEST on May 31, 2020 initiated by the young international RE-PEAT Collective to draw attention to the vulnerability of peatlands around the world, and takes place in the context of World Peat Day, to be celebrated on June 2, 2020.
The workshop is documented in real-time on Facebook, 4 times in online meetings during global RE-PEAT FEST and below.

With special thanks to RE-PEAT Collective, Tanya Lippmann, Kim Lang, Virginia Vivaldi (NL+), Debra Solomon (NL), Nobuyuki Yamamoto (Japan), Aliki van der Kruijs (NL), Mirjam Ghijssels & Marque Fase (France), Yasunori Kawamatsu (Japan), Gabriela Dounis (Australia), Ronald Boer & Jonmar van Vlijmen (NL), Marit Mihklepp (NL), Rineke Kraaij (NL), Ioana Biris & kids (NL), Bruce Gardner (USA), Catherine Bourne (Ireland), Alice Smits (NL), Elena Khurtova (NL), Masha Ru & friends Peter Levich, Elvira Semmoh-Amatsaleh, Jacq Doherty (NL+), Gabriel Hensche & kids (Germany) and participants of ‘RE-FLECT: 24 Peat Balls in 24Hours’ at ‘24 Hr Online Global Peat Fest’.

Anna Tsing, anthropologist, author of ‘The mushroom at the end of the world’ and more:
” This sounds really cool.  I don’t think I can make a commitment to join, but I would love to continue hearing about it! “

Happy Peat Day!
June 2, 2020 is World Peatlands Day!

Warm gratitude for joining ‘24hrs-24 earth spheres’!
What an inspiration that you took over the event.
Attached picture is the flip-side of the canvas I used during the making of ’24 hrs – 24+ peat/earth balls’ with you.
The little dents in the canvas may be a lasting impression?
As ‘unfired earth’, the ecological impact of the workshop is reversible!
So, do not forget to put your balls back in their place of origine, to recuperate and re-join with soil-soulmates and remember to visit once in a while your special earth-place. Keep in touch!

00:40 01062020
Tanya reads online the poem ‘Words heard, by accident, over the phone’ by Sylvia Plath:
” Oh mud, mud, how fluid! — “

23:30 31052020
Twilight. The inbetween moment. 24 hrs – 24 peat balls: co-host Tanya made 3+1 peat balls (or more?), I made 18 peat balls and 2 sand balls today.
You made many more!
The inbetween-ness of/with people and/with soils is what counts.
Proud to realize, that the event was taken over by you!

Inspiration: Earth Sphere #000:

I recently explored the genesis of a human-made peatscape in Amstelpark in Amsterdam. I wonder if we are aware of the timescale of peat and how we can learn to engage in a more affectionate and reciprocal relationship with soil?
I noticed a rather uncomfortable sensation.., see Breath of Soil(s)

Inspiration: Earth Spheres #00 03032020

‘Soil Series’ with Tanya Lippmann, Kim Lang, Virginia Vivaldi at Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam (NL).

Online experiment 09052020:
making-peat-balls with Re-Peat Collective!

Earth Sphere #0 24052020 by Debra Solomon, artist and founder of Urbaniahoeve in Amsterdam (NL):

Earth Sphere #1 31052020 at 01:00 AM is a peat-ball-making video, made in the quiet dark of the night:

Earth Sphere #2 31052020 at 02:00 AM:

Earth Sphere #3 31052020 at 03:00 AM:

Earth Sphere #4 31052020 at 04:00 AM:

Earth Sphere #5 31052020 at 05:00 AM meets artist Nobuyuki Yamamoto in Japan and his “home=place’:

” This soil is from a field in my hometown where I was born. It has a fluffy texture with adequate moisture, and when you grip it gently it will become a soft mass, grip it hard and it will crumble. There are only fields around and the region is surrounded by mountains. 

This region is where my grandparents and relatives stayed. Recently, my grandfather and then my grandmother passed away, making me feel some loneliness. 

Due to my father’s work, I left this place when I was young, but I kept coming back at least twice a year, during the Obon and New Year holidays. This “home=place” is always present in my mind, and it is always the memories of this place that are evoked (qui sont évoquées).

According to Benjamin, the future is the past that could have been. In much the same way, I believe that “the future that is evoked” is constructed through my relationship with “others” that is based on what I did or experienced in the past. Formation through the contact with “others” that bear all kinds of distinctive “differences.” ”


Earth Sphere #6 31052020 at 06:00 AM:

Earth Sphere #7 31052020 at 07:00 AM meets designer Aliki van der Kruijs in her garden (NL), to be continued at 10:00 AM:

The most North, East, South, West part of my garden: material to ‘make-earth-ball’. To be continued. “

Earth Sphere #8 31052020 at 08:00 AM meets parallel and online theater makers Mirjam Ghijssels and Marque Fase on top of Mont Beuvray in France, a nature reserve with a 2000 years old archaeological site on top.

Earth Sphere #9 31052020 at 09:00 AM meets artist Yasunori Kawamatsu in Japan, who remembers his childhood ‘Mud Dumpling’:

“ I have one memory about Mud Dumpling(MD), it was in around 7 years old, I had belonged local baseball team. That team had practiced every day after school, the base place was in riverside(MD_001.jpg). I often made MD as skipping the practice. The riverside has good gravel are several mixed textures as gradation. It had told me the time scale as transforming progress about the stone to the gravel, then to the soil(MD_002.jpg).
The process of making the MD is opposite to the timescale. the transforming time scale is leaving from riverside gradually, but making MD began from most far from river side, together with the soil of clay texture. I covered more soil with MD, then getting closer to riverside while making some layer of MD(*MD_003.jpg and MD_004.jpg). finally, the MD has covered by gravel as top layer of it. I’m not sure that it is nice process for making MD. but I was often to make by this way in my childhood. ”

The Place of google map/ https://goo.gl/maps/sKAiSQmeVVDAkUZY6

Earth Sphere #10 31052020 at 10:00 AM is a video:

Earth Sphere #11 31052020 at 11:00 AM:

Earth Sphere #12 31052020 at midday is a sand-ball-making video.
Made from sand sourced at the Zandmotor. An Anthropogenic man-build ephemeral coastal extension near The Hague, build with Pleistocene sand from the bottom of (what we now call) the North Sea. In time and space, the narratives of pre-human nature meet the narratives of humanity. 

Earth Sphere #13 31052020 at 01:00 PM meets artists Ronald Boer & Jonmar van Vlijmen in Amsterdam (NL):

Earth Sphere #14 31052020 at 02:00 PM meets artist Gabriela Dounis in Australia:

” I’m living in the beautiful rainforest of the Northern Rivers region (New South Wales) at the moment. I have been connecting deeply with Earth Mother as I live here and am excited to join the project. “

Earth Sphere #15 31052020 at 03:00 PM:

Earth Sphere #16 31052020 at 04:00 PM meets Estonian artist Marit Mihklepp in The Hague (NL):

Earth Sphere #17 31052020 at 05:00 PM meets Rineke Kraaij at a seaside campsite (NL):

Earth Sphere #18 31052020 at 06:00 PM meets Ioana Biris of Nature Desk, Amsterdam (NL):

” Well the kids got excited and made earth balls in our garden. “

Earth Sphere #19 31052020 at 07:00 PM meets Dorodango artist Bruce Gardner in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) :

In my home garden in The Hague, I made an earth sphere with dune sand from underneath my 100+ year old house. Parallel and online with Dorodango artist Bruce Gardner, author of ‘Dorodango. The Art of Making Japanese Mud Balls’. In his studio in New Mexico (USA) he made a mud ball from local Albuquerque soil. Bruce commented ‘It is very forgiving’, to be continued!

Image: Bruce Gardner, photo Buck The Cubicle.

Earth Sphere #20 31052020 at 08:00 PM meets Catherine Bourne in Ireland:

A little out of synch… but greetings from Ireland.”

Earth Sphere #21 31052020 at 09:00 PM meets Alice Smit, curator of Zone2source in Amsterdam (NL):

Earth Sphere #22 31052020 at 10:00 PM meets Russian artist Elena Khurtova in Zaandstad, near Amsterdam (NL):

Earth Sphere #23 31052020 at 11:00 PM meets Russian artist Masha Ru with friends Peter Levich, Elvira Semmoh-Amatsaleh and Jacq Doherty (video) in a wetland near Amsterdam (NL):

00:00 – 00.30
Earth Sphere #24 31052020 at midnight meets Tanya and the RE-PEAT Collective online to re-cap the joy of ’24 Hours – 24 Peat Balls’:

’24 balls’ meet the next day Gabriel Hensche and kids (Germany):