work-in-progress 2021
the in-between-ness of soil with art and heritage
Climate. Breath in. Breath out.
…intertwined as both contributor and recipient of atmospheric gasses (pCO2 & pCH4)…

empirical observations….aardtijd…
Follow up of Soft Soils. With the art project Soft Soils (2021), I question validation of the value of soil as art, as heritage and if soil itself benefits from this? To approach soil as a living entity and a world in and of itself, I now show the vulnerable beauty of Soft Soils. They speak for themselves.

Soft Soils, work-in-progress March 4, 2021
Soft Soils, work-in-progress March 10, 2021
Soft Soils, work-in-progress March 12, 2021

Peat, carbon storage, oxidation, land subsidence…
“Across the world, peat covers just 3% of the land’s surface, but stores one-third of the Earth’s soil carbon.”
“Oxidizing peat produces greenhouse gases.”
“The subsidence of soft soils such as peat is a global problem.” (Deltares, 2015)

… address contemporary notions of interconnectivity of sociodiversity, biodiversity and/with geodiversity..

…drawing from the realization of human temporary time and/with geological deep time.

A speculative geology of the present day, both a commentary on global warming as well as a juxtaposition of human and geological time…

Contemporary time and perceptions of archeological (human) time….

…validation of value of soil through the arts, heritage…